“The togetherness is very powerful in healing trauma.”

Project MCAS Success at Dearborn & Higginson-Lewis Schools

Learning Out Loud: Saturdays, 9 am – 12:30 pm

Two hours of tutoring in math and English Language Arts, followed by an hour of dance, basketball or other activities.24 weeks throughout the year, including 6 weeks in the summer.

Volunteer tutors are trained to provide quality, personalized attention.

Student grades have improved by a full point, to a B- up from C-/D+

As of fall 2013, most tutors were young adult college graduates of color.

Program also runs at DSNI.

  • TEEP @ Roxbury (Trinity Education for Excellence Program)
    • A six-year program which puts youth on track for college—100% of students who complete the program enroll in college.
    • Five intensive weeks each summer, with ongoing support during the school year.
    • Since 2008, TEEP @ Roxbury has enrolled 75 students, and in 2014 that number will grow to 100.
  • Tutor Training
    • A focus on diverse, young adult tutors who inspire and mentor youth.
    • Six hours of training to ensure community volunteers become quality tutors.
    • Evaluation of tutors to assess their impact and improve their teaching.
Organizing For Dearborn Transformation
  • Organized teachers, parents, community members and partners to work on behalf of Dearborn Middle School.
  • Successfully worked with the Mayor, Superintendent, State Treasurer and others to  transform the Dearborn into a 6-12 Early College STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) Academy.
  • Secured $50 million in state funding for Dearborn School renovation, the first building built specifically to support STEM education!

To keep the 6-12 Early College STEM Project on track, SIC:

  • Co-Chairs Dearborn Community Alliance of Teachers, Administration, Parents and Community partners.
  • Meets with Mass School Building Authority, Boston Public Schools and City officials to ensure each entity is moving forward their part of the process
  • Organizes teacher and community member participation in public actions to keep up the momentum of the project.
Timothy Smith Computer Technology Center (CTC)
  • SIC’s CTC offers computer courses for advanced certification in technology fields to unemployed and underemployed adults, enabling them to gain expertise in order to secure employment.

“It’s really helped for a lot of healing for our whole family — 

all the missing pieces are being filled in.”

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