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While the mission of the Social Impact Center (SIC), the non-profit arm of Roxbury Presbyterian Church is to create educational and economic development programs to strengthen the Roxbury community, sadly, we realize our best efforts in these areas will never be totally successful if we don’t address the impact of violence in our community.

Cory Johnson was a promising young church member who was shot to death not far from RPC in 2010. His killer, like so many others, was never apprehended. With help from Cory’s family and a network of health experts, the SIC opens the doors of the church once a week to host trauma-informed community gatherings.

The Cory Johnson Trauma Education Program was developed to focus on Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). In recent years a growing amount of research suggests the prevalence of PTSD in urban settings rivals that of war veterans returning from Iraq, Afghanistan or Vietnam.

The program provides a mother’s grief group, a men’s recovery group, a series of mind-body exercise classes, in addition to mental health resources and supports. Since the Cory Johnson program began, more than a thousand people have come through our doors to break bread, work on healing and building community.

Fighting violence involves more than getting guns off our streets. We are convinced it will take community healing to promote lasting change.

Reverend Liz Walker

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$25 -Helps with outreach for CommonUnity Youth Program

$50 - Covers a Tutor stipend for Learning Out Loud

$100 - Buys healthy breakfast food for 1 Learning Out Loud Saturday

$250 - Covers the cost of a trauma training for teens

$500 - Covers the cost of a field trip for Learning Out Loud students

$1,000 - Covers one CAN WE TALK? a community conversation on trauma



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Why Donate?

Our Work Is Never Done!

Our Organization

The Social Impact Center (SIC) is the independent 501c3 organization affiliated with Roxbury Presbyterian Church, with a mission to create educational and economic development programs to strengthen the Roxbury community.

The SIC’s most recent accomplishments include:

- The securing of $74 million for the construction of Dearborn 6-12 Early College STEM Academy, slated to open in Roxbury September 2018.

- Creation of the Cory Johnson Program for Post-Traumatic Healing, pioneering a new way to engage the community in providing support for those impacted by trauma and violence.

- Creation of Common Unity: a trauma-informed leadership program offering local youth a safe space and the opportunity to learn about, set and reach realistic personal and educational goals while building community.

- Expansion of the Learning Out Loud tutoring program to 26 weeks, serving neighborhood children, primarily students from the Dearborn and Higginson-Lewis schools.

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White House Award Winner!

The Social Impact Center was awarded a “Together for Tomorrow School Improvement Champion” by

The White House Center for Faith-based & Neighborhood Partnerships for our work at the Dearborn School.

This was truly a great honor!

Your Support Helps These Future Leaders!

In response to two daytime shootings in the spring of 2013, including one directly in front of RPC just as we were taking students to the Big Apple Circus, SIC began to work with area non-profits and residents on new ways to stem violence. Meeting weekly with Higher Ground, NAACP, Mothers for Justice & Equality and others, the efforts became known as the Game Changer Group. SIC brought young people to testify at statewide hearings on gun violence prevention, hosted large community meetings well-attended by youth and began to meet with troubled young adults at Warren Gardens.

Thank You For Your Continued Support!