Join us for "Our Voices, Our Stories" Community Conversation on Trauma, Thursday, March 26. Dinner served at 6, discussion begins by 7 pm.

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Read Rev. Liz Walker's letter calling for prompt action on the Dearborn in the Boston Globe

Can We Talk, spring dates

Common Unity

"Our Voices, Our Stories" Community Conversations on Trauma are monthly events that offer a safe space for people to gather to share their reflections and stories of trauma, loss, healing, and transformation. A simple dinner starts each evening, followed by welcoming remarks from Rev. Liz Walker and then an artistic offering opens the time of sharing. Together we create a community of healing and support. As a recent participant said, "The spirit in this room, you can feel it--we're healing each other."

"Our Voices, Our Stories" is part of the Cory Johnson Trauma Education Project, created in partnership with Still Harbor and Partners Health Care.

To learn more, call 617-445-2116 or join us on the last Thursday of each month.

Please consider donating to help keep our advocacy and programming growing in support of Roxbury's youth.

Here's what your donation will support:

$25 - Helps with outreach about Common Unity Peace Cafes

$50 - Covers a Tutor stipend for Learning Out Loud

$100 - Buys healthy breakfast food for 1 Learning Out Loud Saturday

$250 - Provides a weekly grief support group for trauma survivors

$500 - Covers the cost of a field trip for Learning Out Loud students

$1,000 - Pays for a monthly "Our Voices, Our Stories" community conversation on trauma






Other Amount

Learning Out Loud Students

Why Donate?

The Social Impact Center is the non-profit arm of Roxbury Presbyterian Church, with a mission to create educational and economic development programs to strengthen the Roxbury community. As transitional leader, Liz has already doubled the programs of the Social Impact Center, reaching out to educate and empower youth and young adults in Roxbury. She has also:

- Doubled enrollment in the Learning Out Loud tutoring program, expanded to grades 4 – 8 and extended the program by 12 weeks. Student grades improve to B-, up from C-/D+. Help us continue to expand enrollment and add mentoring and character curriculum.

- Forged a second school partnership, now at Dearborn & Higginson-Lewis, working for dramatic improvements at both schools. Help us grow our programs & parent engagement.

- Secured Mayor Martin Walsh’s promise to unequivocally support the $50 million Dearborn STEM Academy through to completion. Help us keep up the pressure until funding is secured.

-Brought the voice of inner city youth to Gun Violence Hearings at the State House and around our Commonwealth. Help us launch evening programming and grow our political engagement of youth.

Help us keep these programs going!

White House Award Winner!

The Social Impact Center was awarded a “Together for Tomorrow School Improvement Champion” by The White House Center for Faith-based & Neighborhood Partnerships for our work at the Dearborn School.

This was truly a great honor!

In response to two daytime shootings in the spring of 2013, including one directly in front of RPC just as we were taking students to the Big Apple Circus, SIC began to work with area non-profits and residents on new ways to stem violence. Meeting weekly with Higher Ground, NAACP, Mothers for Justice & Equality and others, the efforts became known as the Game Changer Group. SIC brought young people to testify at statewide hearings on gun violence prevention, hosted large community meetings well-attended by youth and began to meet with troubled young adults at Warren Gardens.

Your Support Helps These Future Leaders!

Donations Will Support Our Programs & Success

Project MCAS Success at Dearborn & Higginson-Lewis Schools - Learning Out Loud

- Two hours of tutoring in math and English Language Arts, followed by an hour of dance, basketball or other activities. - 24 weeks throughout the year, including 6 weeks in the summer. - Volunteer tutors are trained to provide quality, personalized attention.
TEEP @ Roxbury (Trinity Education for Excellence Program) - A six-year program which puts youth on track for college—100% of students who complete the program enroll in college - Five intensive weeks each summer, with ongoing support during the school year

Tutor Training - A focus on diverse, young adult tutors who inspire and mentor youth - Six hours of training to ensure community volunteers become quality tutors - Evaluation of tutors to assess their impact and improve their teaching
Organizing For Dearborn Transformation - Organized teachers, parents, community members and partners to work on building the Dearborn STEM Academy
Timothy Smith Computer Technology Center (CTC) - SIC’s Computer Technology Center offers courses for advanced certification in technology fields to unemployed and underemployed adults, enabling them to gain expertise in order to secure employment.
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